Are Cosmetics Tested On Animals

The issue of animal testing for cosmetic development and the ensuring of cruelty free trials for makeup products is one that strikes a chord with many people. We will give a brief outline of some of the evidence to allow you the ability to make up your own mind and to feel confident that you […]

Blusher, How To Apply

Let’s start with a simple definition of what blusher is. Sometimes compared to bronzer, blusher is designed to add colour to the skin. Contrary to bronzer however, blusher is designed to create a rosy cheeked look whereas bronzer is meant to give a tanned, sun-kissed look. Right, so now lets get to the good bit. […]

How to Use Aftershave

For men out there beginning their journey into shaving or for those experienced, expert level groomers just looking for a basic guide on aftershave. Here’s a few tips on how to best use your fragrance to get the most out of your purchase. Step one, which aftershave should you choose. The good news is that […]

Which Lipstick Suits Me?

We once knew someone who held the opinion that lipstick is what brings a look together. If she was going out with friends then lipstick was that final element that gave the whole outfit that finishing touch. You can see why. When someone talks to you it’s common to look at their mouth. Having beautiful […]

How to Use Bronzer

Skin looking a bit paler than you’d like? Do you feel like mixing things up and adding a dose of sun-kissed radiance to your skin? A good bronzing routine might be just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s for a night on the town or a trip to your local shop – if you want […]

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips We all like to look our best. If we had the ability to choose to have smooth, beautiful and glowing skin then we would. It’s a no-brainer. Choosing to have a solid skin care routine is certainly one of the ways to ensuring that this is achievable. But what is a good […]

What Hair Products Should I Use?

Silky, thick, glossy and head turning hair. We all want it. But what hair products should you use to  get it? Is there a way to ensure that our hair receives the right kind or care and attention? Is there one magical routine that works on everyone?… Whether your hair is thick, fine, coarse, wavy, […]

What Makeup Do I Need

“What Makeup do I need?”…a simple question with a not so simple answer. The problem is that there isn’t a one size fits all. It’s dependant on skin tone, skin type (dry, oily, combination) and what look you are hoping to achieve. If you want a subtle natural look you will use a different approach […]

What Supplements Should I Take

We’d like to start this article by first saying that we believe that the best approach to achieving health starts with some fundamentals. Supplements are designed to do what the name suggests – supplement your diet. Always try to establish healthy routines of proper hydration, regular exercise and a balanced, varied and nutritious diet. Once […]

Which Perfume Is Long Lasting?

When looking to buy perfume or aftershave, you want to find the perfect combination of quality and price. Fragrances that are extremely cheap are naturally not going to be the best quality and you would at least hope that expensive fragrances justify their price by being of high quality. When it comes to perfume or […]

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